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Ground Power

We supply Aviation, marine and vehicle fleet markets for a variety of products which include heliport lighting, portable landing lights, special batteries, chargers, power supplies and inverters. Powervamp is reknowned for its unique range of portable ground power units (GPUs) for jet turbine starting and its highly successful hand portable starting packs for all gasoline and diesel engines which it supplies to the vehicle fleet markets, construction and transport industries.

GPU's are available to suit all applications from starting, servicing, continuous voltage supply for maintenance or training.

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Product Name Product Image Product Description
CoolSpool 17 CoolSpool 17 - Ground Power

State of the art portable mini GPU the size of a brief case. Standing voltage of 29-30vDC. Built in charging system with 3 colour LED and digital voltmeter. Safe for Air transportation.
1800 Peak Amps
17 Amp/hour Capacity
25 x 37 x 9 cm 18kg
CoolSpool 29 CoolSpool 29- Ground Power

Delivers stunning improvement in turbine starting performance. With an Off-charge voltage of 30-31 volts, gives faster spoolup and cooler starts. Built in mini charger with 3 colour LED status and solid state digital voltmeter. Cleared for Air transportation
2400 Peak Amps
29 Amp/hour Capacity
30 x 16 x 5 cm
CoolSpool 52 CoolSpool 52- Ground Power

The Coolspool 26 and 52 provide 1800 peak amps for starting and 40 amps @ 28.5 V continuous when connected to mains power. Suitable for large turbo prop or turbo fan engines.