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Ultrasport 331

The Ultrasport 331 is a growth version of the Ultrasport 254 designed to meet the FAA FAR Part 21.191 (g) Amateur Built Aircraft Kit category. Like the 254, the 331 has a structure of composite airframe, composite main and shrouded tail rotor blades, but the 331 comes with some added comfort features, such as an electric start system, bigger fuel tank and fully enclosed cockpit with removable doors. It has a cruise speed of 65-mph (105 kph) and an empty weight of 330 lbs. (150 kg). Optional features such as floats may also be installed for added safety. The 331 is designed to meet the worldwide microlight helicopter category and is marketed and sold in the U.S. as an amateur built helicopter kit.

Model 331
Engine option 1 65hp Hirth 2706
Electric Start, Dual Carb
Dual CDI (optional Electronic Fuel Injection)
Engine option 2 TBA
Transmission 12 to 1 Planetary
Endurance 38 Litre Fuel Tank 2.5 Hours
Ceiling 12,000 feet
H.O.G.E 10,800 feet
H.I.G.E 7,000 feet
Rotor Blades FAA Certified infinite life composite blades
Main Rotor Blades 21' dia 16" Chord
Tail Rotor Blades 2.6' dia 2" Chord
Min. Speed Hover
Length (Cabin) 52" (1320mm)
Maximum Width (Cabin) 30" (760mm)
Maximum Height (Cabin) 59" (1500mm)
Cruise 65mp/h (105km/h)
Top Speed 104mp/h (167km/h)
Empty Weight 330 lbs. (150 kg)
Useful Load 320 lbs. (145 kg)
Gross Weight 650 lbs. (295 kg)
Width 8 feet (2438 mm)
Height 7' 10" (2388 mm)
Length 19' 2" (5842 mm)

Options Available: Conventional cyclic controls, floats, Baricentric cargo hook
All Ultrasport helicopters are made up of composite body, composite main rotor and shrouded main rotor blades with swept tip for low noise electric start system. Due to continuous improvement, specifications of the ultrasport helicopters are subject to change without notice.
(*FAA restrictions for ultralights). The ultrasport 331 meets the FAA FAR Part 21.191(g) as a Home Build Helicopter.